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150 mL

Top-Ten Style-Care Balm


Style-care balm.

Creates the perfect finish for healthy hair. Leave-in.


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  • Protects and softens.
  • Velvet hair feel.
  • Adds pearl highlights.
  • Brilliant shine.
  • Adheres to the hair fiber due to its cationic and mimetic nature.
  • Frizz control. High humidity resistance. Heat styling protection.
  • Forms a thin film that creates a protective layer.
  • Hydrates hair. Helps disentangling. Protects color.
  • Neutralizes free radicals.
  • Protects hair fiber against environmental stress.
  • Coats damaged areas and forms a protective film.
  • Repairs damaged ends.
  • Protects against UV rays.
  • UV protection.
  • Apply evenly to towel-dried hair and style.

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